Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Mysterious Tinsley Sisters

The two Tinsley brothers, Edward (1835-1866) and William (1831-1902) are well known as the founders of the publishing company of Tinsley Brothers, which they started in 1858. Despite having no previous experience in the industry, by the 1860s they had prospered, specializing in sensational popular novels, including the trinity of Wilkie Collins, Mrs Henry Wood and Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Edward died suddenly in 1866 of a stroke and William continued alone, much less successfully. He faced bankruptcy three times, and on the third time in 1887, the publishing company came to an end. For the full tale of William Tinsley’s colourful career, read his entertaining and quite self-aware memoirs Random Recollections of an Old Publisher (in 2 volumes, London, 1900).